Bipolar PROM replacement (was Re: More Info)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 15:56:51 2005

Paul wrote:
> How fast do you need? Ramtron FM18L08 (32k by 8) FRAM has 70 ns
> access, 140 ns cycle time. Not like the fastest known SRAM, but
> surely fast enough to keep a PIC happy?

No, my point was that FRAM isn't fast enough to directly replace
fast bipolar PROMs (e.g., 35, 45, 55 ns PROMs). In fact, it couldn't
directly replace even the 70 ns PROMs, because they have access *and*
cycle time of 70 ns.

Certainly if you needed some nonvolatile storage for a PIC (or other
microcontroller) based PROM emulator to load into a fast SRAM, FRAM could
be used.

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