Micro General Scale Calibration

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Fri Feb 4 17:08:29 2005

I've got a Micro General postal (model 1025B) scale circa early 1980's
that had the lithium cell die. With it, the calibration information was
lost and it comes up with an error message "---CAL---". Does anyone here
know the calibration procedure for this thing or asimilar Micro General

I've determined by experimenting after pressing the "Manager" key, the
keypad 9 turns on all the LEDs, 8 is a switch test, 7 brings up "931" (3
digit zipcode?), 6 appears to be the raw strain gage output, 1 and 0
generate an error message.

Also, when I took it apart to replace the battery, I totally forgot to
check out what microprocessor it is using ... does anyone know what
processor it uses? I'll take it apart again if I have to, but I would
prefer not doing that :)! It has five eproms of which one looks to be
the update for postal/UPS rates.
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