Dial-up BBS?

From: Tom Owad <owad_at_applefritter.com>
Date: Sat Feb 5 13:08:48 2005

Charles Blackburn <charlesb_at_otcgaming.net> wrote:
>U want to run a d/u bbs or u want one?
>If you want one, give me your local area code etc and I'll look it up in
>my nodelist.

Use one, not run one. Sorry.

Location isn't really important, since I'm hoping to use my cell phone,
but it does need to be compatible with the TRS-80 Model 100's 300 baud
modem. I was hoping somebody on the list was running their own BBS and
would speak up.

Richard A. Cini <rcini_at_optonline.net> wrote:
>Just curious...is this dial-up for "classic" use or for a modern

More classic than modern. I don't have an actual application, so much as
just tinkering around. I would like to be able to check my email, though.


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