It's Baaack! The "complete"ly trashed out HP1000F

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 11:59:08 2005

A totally stripped down kernel can be run in as little as 4K words.

A ~reasonable~ build can run in 16K words, but to use all the capability
of the kernel you will want 32K at least.

DMS is supported, and the current work on the file system (SFS) uses
virtual memory to cache disk files. So to use the 21MX extensions you
will want 128K words or more.

IPL can treat a 32K word address space as a data type, and allows you to
keep multiple copies of the system in VM and swap between then quickly.

So having 512 K words is a perfectly reasonable configuration.

Memory is power, more is better.

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>> Well, Joe ~could~ actually run IPL on his!
> Please tell me that IPLOS will run in 8 or 16k ram ;) Surely it would ;)
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