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Date: Sun Feb 6 12:26:54 2005

>See, that's why you need a gun.? Grab it and head over to the range and
>empty a clip into a dirt mound.? Does wonders for your mood ;)

Sellam has a point, but it can be used to fuel the idea that shooters are
mindlessly destructive.
If you go to the range, you need to put all the stress out of your mind and
concentrate only on the sight alignment, the black ball 100 yards downrange,
and the movement of your body. If you're thinking "...the traffic today . . .
totally unreasonable . . . and then my RK-02 crashed . . ." you will shoot
terribly. you HAVE to empty your mind. gee- I never thought of shooting as a Zen
thing before, but I guess it is-

-Scott Quinn
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