Back on the list

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 10:19:17 2005

Hey guys,

After a two year absence, I am finally back on the classiccmp mailing list.
While my on-line activities have been minimal, I have not curtailed my
collecting or interest in old computers.

The last few months I have been working on a STD-BUS system with HP-IB
interface. The system is a Z80 CPU with 64K RAM and a microsys HPIB card. It
took many nights of tinkering but, I've finally got the thing working. It
takes a lot of bit-banging but, I can make it talk to my HP-IB instruments.
I have also written a simple CS-80 driver that is similar to a driver that I
worked on a few years ago (HP 1000). I haven't built a complete file system
yet but, now can boot the system off a HP7963B drive.

In the coming month I'll create a simple file system, OS, and programming

Anyway, it's nice to be back.

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