TRS-80 Model 100: Phone port pinout

From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 16:02:56 2005

>>In TELCOM, set STAT TO M8N1E and hit F4 to enter TERM mode. Does your
>>system give a brief high-pitched beep and then freeze, even before
>>displaying the Prev/Down/Up/Full menu options?
>Yea -- check your other switch - the "ORG/ANS" switch. It's barking out a
>CD for you for the other machine to detect -- necessary 'way back in the
>day' if you were calling into the machine remotely.
>[[ ORG meaning 'originating' - you are initiating the call
> ANS meaning 'answer' - someone initiates the call; the M100
> needs to spit out a Carrier Detect for the remote machine
> to recognize. ]]

Ok, checked that - I'm definitely in ORG mode. (It exhibits this
behavior in either mode.)

>>I've found that mine (both of mine, now...) do this only with the modem
>>setting, and I've also discovered an intermittent short in my acoustic
>>cable, so I'm wondering if I damaged something.
>Mine 'locks' every time (<SHIFT><BREAK> regains control) but only audibly
>whines at me when the 'DIR/ACP' switch is on DIR, or direct connection.
>I've never owned the an acoustic coupler for it, so I can't test that mode.

It gives a very light 'ding' when I enter the mode. I can also hear a
'chirp' on occasion at the moment the phone system hangs up after a
failed connect.

All the instructions I've read say to wait until you hear the modem tone
to connect the couplers. Does this really make any difference?

Should I have the system in TERM mode from the start, or is there a
particular time I should switch over?

I've tried varying combinations, but the connection always drops after
about a minute without any indication from the TRS-80 of ever seeing a


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