ST506 drive not spinning...

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 08:46:10 2005

Hi, Jules,

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On 07-Feb-05 at 11:55 Jules Richardson wrote:

>Anyone know if an ST506 interface drive should always start spinning as
>soon as power is applied? I've never known one that doesn't, but I'm not
>sure if (as with SCSI drives) there's a way of rigging things so they
>only start when connected to a controller.

        Not that I know of. There was never a 'start_unit' command in the ST506 world.

>Dug the Masscomp out of storage (it reeks of mouse piss) but the drives
>show no signs of spinning on the bench with just power applied - just
>get a click from the solenoid and that's it.

        Mouse piss, like other forms of liquid contamination, is corrosive. The circuit board has likely been damaged, possibly on the inner layers (assuming it's more than a two-layer PCB, and I've yet to see one on any drive that was less than 4).

        Remove the board, and give it a thorough cleaning with 99% isopropanol. You may yet be able to restore it.

        Keep the peace(es).

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