ST506 drive not spinning...

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 10:12:50 2005

Hi Jules,

normaly, MFM drives start spinning up as soon as power is applied.
There are no commands like "spin up" , known from the SCSI-Interface as far as I know.
So there might be a problem with your drive.
Sometimes, the heads are stuck on the disk surfaces which prevent a spinup of the motor.
But before you open your drive, verify the contacs of the power and motor connector. Humidity (yes, mouse piss is included ;-) )
might have corroded the connections....


> Anyone know if an ST506 interface drive should always start spinning as
> soon as power is applied? I've never known one that doesn't, but I'm not
> sure if (as with SCSI drives) there's a way of rigging things so they
> only start when connected to a controller.
> Dug the Masscomp out of storage (it reeks of mouse piss) but the drives
> show no signs of spinning on the bench with just power applied - just
> get a click from the solenoid and that's it.
> cheers
> Jules

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