Pet Computer Software?

From: Gary Fisher <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 10:16:52 2005

The URL has a whole bunch of PET stuff on it, I remember lots of these programs:

If you have a CBM 4040 or 2040 (with upgraded ROMs) disk drive, you can read C64 1541 format disks. There are several options to do this A.You need a C-64 & 1541 & and a PC running 64HDD with a X1541 cable B: Catweasel card can write the disk directly to a 1541 compatible disk C: Star Commander with a 1541 disk and X1541 cable

Lots of other options exist. this website show many of them...

Something for tape manipulation.

This last one may be the most useful link of all...

I have a 2001 series Commodore Pet that's gathering dust in my basement...
It works, but I'd like to find some software for it...It's a real
conversation piece, but the conversation doesn't last very long, since it
doesn't do anything. :) Does anyone know of any software compilations, or
available tape software, anything to do get it doing something? Maybe even
a couple games like oregon trail or lemonade stand...anything? Would love to
work with it a bit more. Any assistance is appreciated!

Gary Fisher
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