Intellec MDS questions

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Date: Mon Feb 7 11:39:02 2005

>From: "Joe R." <>
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>>>From: "Joe R." <>
>>> *Actually this might be quite true. Most of mine came from places like
>>>Harris Corp and Martin Marietta and they usually buy well loaded systems.
>>>If you're in an area that had a lot of small companies and you're getting
>>>the MDSs from them they may have bought the cheapest system (SD) they could
>>> My 2 cents,
>>> Joe
>>Hi Joe
>> There is another good reason to get the SD systems. The SD
>>format was able to be read by other machines.
> Actually you don't need to "get" an SD system just for that. The easiest
>thing to do is to leave the built-in drive in a MDS-2xx connected to the
>built-in controller (it's SD). Then connect any external drives to the add
>in DD controller and you've got the best of both worlds. That's how my
>MDS-235 is configured and I think Dave Mabry has his configured the same way.
> Joe

Hi Joe
 Sure but we were talking about 800's and why one would want the SD.
for a series II, that makes good sense.

> The M2FM
>>was different enough that it could only be read by an
>>Intel controller on a Multi-Bus. From what I was told when
>>I was there, this was more of a mistake than an intention.
>>There were several slightly different specs being proposed
>>at the time and Intel thought that the M2FM would was the
>>front runner. They designed around it and the industry went
>>the other way.
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