OS and/or compiler for CompuPro CPU-32016?

From: Steve Jones <classiccmp_at_crash.com>
Date: Mon Feb 7 12:30:17 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 18:08 +0100, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> > Steve Jones wrote:
> > First off, does anybody even know if an OS was made available
> > for the CPU-32016?
> >
> NetBSD contains a comment:
> src/sys/arch/pc532/stand/common/scsi_low.c: * Originally written by Bruce Culbertson for a ns32016 port of Minix.
> (NetBSD/pc532, as the name indicates, is for the NS32532.)

To be clear, I was asking specifically about what CompuPro and
other contemporaries might have supplied for the CompuPro
CPU-32016 S-100 card. Though I'm happy to see someone responding,
thank you!

The pc532 is/was a small quantity, grassroots project that was
announced in late 1989. For that matter, it can be considered a
very successful "open source" hardware project since I'm pretty
sure all the design materials were made publicly available at no
cost eventually. I really wanted to build this or otherwise get
hold of one, but it was beyond my means at the time.

Bruce Culbertson provided the/a monitor for the pc532, in fact,
based on an earlier project. Culbertson had created his own design
for a 32016-based system and ported Minix to it. I have the design
files and a Nat Semi design kit (somewhere...), and always wanted
to build it. Come to think of it, that's another "open source"
hardware project from Usenet. The shar archive I have of the
hardware design dates from November 1988.

Later, when Dave Rand and George Scolaro got the pc532 project off
the ground, Bruce (and others I'm sure) ported Minix to it. The
NetBSD port followed, as the pc532 project was already into it's
second run of PCBs by April of 1990.

Looking at one of the first few posts Dave made to the pc532 list,
Dave and George were responsible for the PD-32 design that I think
was published (in Byte?), the Definicon DSI-32 PC add-in card, and
I *think* they may have been part of the team or outright created
the ICM-3216 design, but I can't find evidence to support that
right now.

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