QBus termination?

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Feb 7 17:37:10 2005

Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> On Monday 07 February 2005 18:18, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>So what's the definitive requirement for terminating QBus? I get
>>various non-answers from various people and it's quite annoying.
>>How does one properly terminate Qbus?
> The CPU terminates one end, and no terminator is required at the far
> end, unless you connect chassis together. No machine I've ever seen
> has had a QBUS terminator in it (other than the termination the CPU
> provides)

   But some Qbus boards do terminate the bus. RQDX3 does, and I'm
fairly certain the RQZX1 does as well.

   I also have a Qbus terminator board. No bootROMs or diags, just the

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