Using 3.5" HD drives on CP/M systems

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Date: Mon Feb 7 17:42:15 2005

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> cctalk == cctech for the most part. Things posted to one (generally)
> also show up on the other, unless it's OT and posted to cctalk, then it
> won't (shouldn't) show up on ccteh.

This is somewhat confusing. How it works is this:

All messages posted to CCTECH go to CCTECH *as well as* CCTALK.

Any messages posted to CCTALK go to CCTALK, and the ON-TOPIC messages are
cross-posted to CCTECH.

Simple, no?


If you're subscribed to CCTALK, you'll get every message that gets posted
to both CCTALK and CCTECH.

If you're subscribed to CCTECH, you'll ONLY get messages that are
moderated and ON-TOPIC (whether they were posted to CCTALK or CCTECH).

If you're subscribed to both, you are most likely getting the same
messages twice, which is lame. Unsubscribe to one or the other.

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