ST506 drive not spinning...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 17:21:12 2005

> Anyone know if an ST506 interface drive should always start spinning as
> soon as power is applied? I've never known one that doesn't, but I'm not

Yes, it should. AFAIK there is no motor-on signal on the ST506 interface
or anything like that.

It's possible the drive needs to pass some internal self-tests before
starting the motor (e.g. that the microcontroller ROM checksums OK,
there's no current through the write heads, etc). But it shoudln't depend
on the intenrface signals.

In the case of a real ST506, I am certain there's no way the controller,
or any part of the drive logic, can stop the spindle motor. The spindle
motor controller is a separate PCB with connections to the motor itself
(coils, hall switch) and a 2 pin power input. That plugs into the logic
board and carries +12V and ground. There are no other signals to the
motor control PCB.

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