More PDP 11 hacking (help!)

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 22:26:05 2005

Ok, so I decided to go back to the generic LSI 11/23 system I first
started with a few weeks ago. It's the fully loaded system with RK and DY
(DSD-440) controller as well as a Emulax tape controller. I couldn't get
the serial ports to respond, so I switched the known working serial
controller from the PDP 11/03 with the one in the LSI 11/23.

I'm now getting a prompt! Yah!

Not only that, I'm getting the disk controller bootstrap ($) prompt! Yah!

But now are new woes: when I type in "DY" to boot off the DY drive the
system pauses for a split second and then dumps into ODT with 165426.
Looking at that address shows that there's no code there.

If I issue 173000G or 773000G, I get back to the $ prompt. Ok.

However, one thing I noticed is that now, location 0 now has code! Yah!
Or at least, something is there. If I clear the first dozen or so words
and then reboot, the zeroes are overwritten. The weird thing is that I
don't see the drive light going on or the head relay engaging.

I've tried the system with both the DSD and RXV21 controllers with two
different sets of drives and I basically get the same results.

No matter whether I boot with DY or DY0 or DY1, it always breaks into ODT
at 165426.


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