kinda sorta maybe OT: Nixie tube display wristwatch

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 00:47:40 2005

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Scott Stevens wrote:

>> I have the prototype. Maximum nerd cool. High voltage!
>> Microprocessors! 50-year-old display tech! Wearable!
> It's cool and all, but the article says the Nixie tubes were stripped
> from an H-P DVM. I'm an old test-gear collector, and I'd hate for this
> kind of thing to kick off a frenzy of people making 'novelty' items by
> destroying old test equipment.
> Are there Nixie tubes still in production? If so, cool and
> all-power-to-it. If not, let's be cautious in our enthusiasm. This is
> a 'core-plane wall-hanging' type thing for some of us.

Don't get all in a twist about the poor HP counters... You read
the story I assume; that's the playing-with model from a junked
counter. The tubes aren't made any more, but there exist semi-vast
quantities of NOS, which is what David makes everything from. With
a few exceptions, stated on the website, none of the parts are
previously used. The CRTs for the CRT clocks he orders from the

This is top-notch quality, design and production, not hobbiest
one-off custom stuff, like I make sometimes. Nothing wrong with
that, but this is actual manufacture on a small scale. Nearly no
one makes stuff of this quality.
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