OS and/or compiler for CompuPro CPU-32016?

From: Bernd Kopriva <bernd_at_kopriva.de>
Date: Tue Feb 8 13:37:08 2005

Ahhh, a NS32xxx thread ...
... i love that processor :-)

Maybe i should dig out my Phoenix 16 board; it was manufactured by a german company
named Mayon Elektronik. It's a doublesize eurocard board, that contains a Z80 and a NS32016
processor. The Z80 part can act as a CP/M system (including access to the peripherals), the
NS32016 was accessable through a small dual ported ram. For the NS processor, there was
nearly no support, so i wrote a small monitor ...

... btw : does anyone have the CP/M cross software, that was available from National Semiconductor
(at least there was an assembler and a pascal compiler), it would be really nice to use it in proper style :)

Ciao Bernd

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 23:29:31 +0000 (GMT), Tony Duell wrote:

>> First off, does anybody even know if an OS was made available
>> for the CPU-32016? Never saw one in person, nor heard what was
>> being done with them. So any anecdotal stories would be welcome
>> in addition to hard facts.
>> Second, were any compilers available for these things? Cross
>> compiling using e.g. gcc may be taken as given, I mean
>> something running native, or on another CompuPro system.
>A bit-off-sbuject (not for the Compupro, but for another 32016 system).
>Acorn's 32016 second processor for the Beeb (also modified and used in
>the Acorn Cambridge Workstation) ran an operating system called Panos on
>top of some firmware called Pandora.
>There were various languages available, including BASIC (which may have
>run directly on Pandora), Fortran, Lisp and C. The BASIC was
>interpretted, the rest compiled.
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