Epson HX-20 & PX-8 related

From: William Layer <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 18:34:58 2005

Hi cctalkers, two items on the agenda for this post:

First - I've got an Epson PX-8 CP/M portable here, working very well but missing the brown plastic snap-on keyboard cover. If anyone has one of these, or knows where I can get one, I would be very grateful. Trade or pay cash for it. Yes, it's a hard item to find, I realize.

Second - Some years ago when I was previously on this list, one of the listmembers either sold (or gave) to me a very nice little Epson HX-20 portable. The individual told me that he had manuals, but upon completing the transaction the manuals were not to be found. Fast forward about 6 (!!) years.. one afternoon, I recieved in the mail a set of manuals for the HX-20 from the same person.. what a shock! He asked only for reimbursement for the postage.

Like the slacker I am, I lost the envelope and with it, his contact info. If you are the unknown personage, please mail me off-list and I will forward money for your postage. Thanks for being much more responsible than myself in this case..

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