Simulator updates

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 19:31:54 2005

In case anyone is interested, I've just updated the three simulators on my
site which are my creations :

  This simulates my Altair with NorthStar disk controller and a few other boards.
  You can use it via front panel "switches", or boot up NorthStar DOS and communicate
  via an emulated ADM3A console terminal.

  - Changed the default startup to NOT put up the debug screen (in front of the terminal
    window) - Also changed so that startup/clear screen/home cursor with the panel
    displayed position the cursor to the first visible line (before it would write
    invisibly behind the panel and you had to turn the panel off to view it).

  - Minor cosmetic fixes, documentation and help files correctinos.

  This simulates an H8 computer with front panel and H17 disk controller.
  You can use it via the front panel keyboard/display, or use the emulated H9 console
  terminal to communicate with software/games loaded from Tape or HDOS booted
  from the H17.

  - Minor cosmetic fixes, documentation and help file corrections.

  This simulates my homebuilt 6809 based portable computer with integrated video
  display, keyboard, serial ports and disks.
  You can use it to boot up my own CUBIX operating system and communicate with it
  via the emulated internal video display and keyboard.

  - Finally moved the system help file over, which makes it MUCH easier to figure
    out my system software (online help now available).

  - Added my 8080 BASIC interpreter to the system disk which runs under the SIM80
    utility. (Pretty cool - running a simulator under a simulator).

  - Included the full CUBIX documentation in the simulator archive (source code is
    available on my site)

  - Added a MKDISK utility so you can make your own "any size" blank disk images
    (before this you had to create a file (any file), mount it as a disk and then
    FORMAT it).

  - Minor cosmetic fixes, documentation and help file updates.

FWIW, all of my simulators run under any DOS compatible environment, which means
that they work under Linux (DOSEMU), Winblows, Pocket-PC (Pocket DOS), Apple (soft
PC) and even plain DOS!

They can be found in the simulators section of my site, or with the individual
machines that they represent (my sims are of actual machines - not just an

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