PDP 11 Hacking: GOT IT WORKING!!!

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Wed Feb 9 02:05:07 2005

On Feb 8 2005, 21:52, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> Son of a biatch! I finally got it working. I think it may have
> been bad disks all along.

> Drive 0 is not spinning the disk!

In normal 8" drives, the motor spins all the time. If it's not
spinning, it should be easy to trace (careful, it's a mains-driven
motor). The most common fault in this area, though, is that the belt
has fallen off.

> Ok, so it's bad (or the drive heads are really dirty...gotta clean
> at some point). In the meantime, let's try this OTHER disk:
> _at_
> $DY1
> RT-11SJ V03B-00
> Hey!
> .R SST
> ** U.T. -SUPER- STAR TREK **

Very nice! And at some point, perhaps we can figure out a way to get
em a copy of that program for my Star Trek web page ;-)

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