QBus termination?

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Wed Feb 9 15:24:31 2005

On Feb 9 2005, 7:07, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> Ok, I can see clearly now.

... the rain has gone.

Oops, sorry.

> > > I booted the system again and got the $ prompt. I tried some of
> > > commands the REV11 page above mentions. OD enters ODT (but breaks
> > > 165246). XM (supposedly performs memory test) works; short pause
> > before
> > > returning to $ prompt. XC (supposed processor diagnostic) returns
> > > immediately (which is supposed to be good).
> > >
> > > However, RK (RK05 boot), AL and AR commands are not recognized.

> The RK05 controller is installed, but no drive is attached. Would
> prevent that command from working?

I'd expect an error rather than refusal to recognise the command. But
the command is "DK", not "RK".

> I'm also surprised the AL/AR commands don't work. I get back AL? or
> when I try to issue them.

Maybe there's more than one version of the bootstrap code for a REV11.
 I'm just guessing, though; I don't know. However, the usual REV11-A
bootstrap is for an RX01 ("DX") not an RX02 ("DY") so maybe you have a
later one than the manual describes. I've found the relevant, if
rather short, chapter in one of the DEC handbooks. The only additional
interesting note is that the bootstrap code is in two parts, 256 bytes
at 165000-165777 and 256 more at 173000-173777.

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