Data General terminals saved from the trash

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 01:53:55 2005

Another pickup of DG junk, another good call by Bruce Ray! I seem
to be becoming a DG packrat...

1 each Model 6500G mod 2
2 each Model 5230BC/5230LG
2 each Model D410

Somewhat burned-in CRTs, but in decent shape, complete, the usual
dust and fingerprints. Will power them on soon.

The older D410's are called for.

The 6500G and the 5230's look quite identical. I've let two people
have right of first refusal on the three others, but if unclaimed
it's first-come first-served; free, working or not, but pay for
shipping. About 20 lbs, not too bad.

I didn't (yet) take pictures, but they're smallish desktop serial
terminals of the ordinary sort (sic), RS232 interface, 12" CRT,
detached keyboards, etc.
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