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Date: Thu Feb 10 10:35:28 2005

Well the storage business is certainly "glued on" -- it's mostly a combination
of Compaq remnants, stuff licensed from Hitachi, and stuff resold from tape
vendors. But HP does have very strong servers. They also have a thriving
services business that has its share of billion-dollar wins against EDS and

--- Paul Koning <> wrote:

> >>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <> writes:
> Tony> But will the replacement be any better? I doubt very much HP
> Tony> will go back to being a top-class test equipment company...
> Obviously not. The test equipment company still exists and is still
> top class, but its name is Agilent. HP is just a PC printer company,
> with a pile of miscellaneous other stuff glued on the side.
> paul

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