HP 7210A plotter

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Thu Feb 10 12:32:23 2005

Anyone out there have any documentation
on the HP7210A plotter, circa 1972?

I've found (and purchased) a Service Manual
from www.manualsplus.com and also checked at
www.usimperio.com, but I have not been able
to locate the Operator's Manual.

Speaking of HP and Agilent, I sent an email
about the documentation for this plotter to
a couple of Agilent support email addresses,
just to see if by some wild chance they had
any info in their archives. I did get a
response from both email addresses. The
first one said that "HP was Hewlett-Packard"
and I should contact them (although Agilent
took over the plotter business as far as I
know). The other was from a "parts locater"
email address. The person who responded to
that email was an outsourced/offshored non-
Agilent contractor who responds to the
parts inquiries. He politely responded that
he could not find any information on the
old plotter and suggested that I search the
internet (which I have already done).

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