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From: Tom Ponsford <tponsford_at_theriver.com>
Date: Tue Feb 8 07:15:11 2005

  Hi All!

For anybody within driving distance of Albuquerge, New Mexico, Sandia Labs and
Los Alamos are having one of thier auctions.

I noticed a Digital TU81 9-track along with a boatload of SGi and sun as well
as all sorts of good electronic equipment. As usual a lot of the good stuff is
snapped up by the liquidators or reselllers at way above "hobbyist" prices,
but there is usually enough stuff in the odd lots to get real bargains.
Most of the "old stuff" is not sought after by a lot of the resellers and
usually can be had for a song.

auction site:


list o' stuiff :



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