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From: Bill Sheehan <sheehan_at_sheehan.tzo.com>
Date: Thu Feb 10 12:50:01 2005

Peace, Sellam. Most of "The Media" does not exist to inform,
enlighten, or educate. It exists to sell products. The Fifth
Columnists of the Fourth Estate are sideshow barkers, selling thrills
that won't sustain closer investigation. I'll bet that no one is
actually quoted as questioning the viability of female executives.
It'll be the generic and amorphous "People," as in "People are
asking...". You'll know the story has peaked when it appears in the NY
Post with a headline like:

"Carly Canned! Is Condi next?"

Now back to more important matters. Hazardous chemicals are used in
computer manufacture. Is your computer killing you? Details at 11:00.

-- Bill

On Feb 10, 2005, at 12:58 PM, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> For real. I'm already hearing in "the Media" questions being asked
> like,
> "With Carly's firing, what is the future of women in business?" Like
> all
> of a sudden women are going to be forced back into the home and made to
> wear burkas or somesuch.
> Christ all-fricking mighty! She was just another CEO who made big
> mistakes and got canned for it.
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