Off-topic, but interesting (Fiorina fired)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 17:33:38 2005

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> > But will the replacement be any better? I doubt very much HP will go back
> > to being a top-class test equipment company who make very nice computers
> > (and claculators) to use with said test equipment.
> I don't even think Tek are as good as they were.. service manual availability
> for the newer (TDS series) scopes is apparently basically nil, and repairs

Agreed. The old Tekky manuals were excellent...

I can remember when even a radio came with a schematic tucked inside (OK,
I rememebr good radios :-)). I have the user manual for a valved FM tuner
that contains full alignment instructions. Modern manuals are a joke by

I can understnad -- just -- why consumer electronic devices don't come
with schematics. I can't understand why top-quality electronic test gear,
which may well be used with people with consdierably more knowledge than
the designer, don't. I've heard the argument that it's to protect
proprietary designs, but was there really a problem in the 1960's and
1970's with people copying Tekky and HP designs? If so, I've not heard
about it.

> are generally done by swapping the entire board instead of the one component
> that failed.
> HP's test equipment division died when they stopped including proper
> schematics in their service manuals. The same applies to Tek. I'd like to see
> a TDS-series scope last as long as my Tek 466.

Of my 555....

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