So I thought I was getting a "crufty" VAX 4000/300...

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 20:10:33 2005

On Thursday 10 February 2005 01:27, 9000 VAX wrote:
> DId you bid on one of the two VAX4000/300 machines listed by one
> seller? I noticed that one was a 4000/300 and one was a 4000/300
> upgraded to 700 or something. (He listed the boards.) The 700 was
> sold for a little bit higher than $100, lower than $150 (several
> bids), and the 300 got no bid at the time I checked. Maybe the seller
> shipped you the 700, and the winning bidder of the 700 got the 300
> instead. He/She must be mad, I guess.

I don't think so. The VAX I got listed a KA670, etc. on the CPU
bulkhead, which didn't match what boards were actually inside it.

It appears that the machine I got was a part of a VAX-cluster, so it's
likely that there were other machines with a similar config in the

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