SMS 0108?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 20:37:50 2005

   SMS probably states for Scientific Micro Systems. It probably uses a
SASI interface not a SCSI one but that's just my guess.


At 06:23 PM 2/10/05 -0800, you wrote:
>I found I have a most chunky Qbus quad board. The only label I can find
>is SMS 0108.
>On the top of the board (from left to right):
>10 pin connector
>(2) 34-pin connectors (stacked one on top of the other)
>(2) 20-pin connectors
>Stacked on top of those is a 50-pin connector
>On the left side of the board is another 50-pin connector
>It's got an 80186 processor, plus 4 square SMS/OMTI chips.
>My guess is that it's a 5.25" and 8" floppy controller, MFM hard drive
>controller, and dare I ask that it also do SCSI?
>Any ideas?
>I also happen to have an SMS drive enclosure (that I may or may not have
>gotten with this board). It has a 5.25" floppy, an Archive 2150 tape
>drive, and a fixed disk.
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