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From: Jim Arnott <jrasite_at_eoni.com>
Date: Thu Feb 10 21:54:17 2005

You might find PBS's Bill Moyers comments to Society of Professional
Journalists conference on Sept. 11, 2004 germane to this discussion:


On Thursday, February 10, 2005, at 03:56 PM, Computer Collector
Newsletter wrote:

>>>>>> Unfortunately, reporters are NOT "The Media" and most reporters
>>>>>> don't
> have a lot of influence over what gets reported or how it's presented.
> Huh????? Reporters aren't the media? What are we, plumbers? Elevator
> repairment? I sure thought I was media. My press pass is wrong?
>>>>>> they all exist to make money, which they do by not pissing off
>>>>>> their
> advertisers, i.e. by selling product. Granted, in the case of
> stations like
> CNN, their advertisers are the government and the product they sell is
> complacency, but the theory still holds.

The first lemming to lead his peers off the cliff is a bold and
decisive leader.
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