Goodbye Yahoo! Maps...

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 06:24:58 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 23:15 -0500, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> Tom Peters declared on Thursday 10 February 2005 10:56 pm:
> > Yeah, nice interface, but don't try right-clicking so you can save the
> > image for a document or anything. You can't.
> That's because it looks like a java applet or something similar. You can
> always capture a screen shot of the window and edit that down...

That's what I always do with the site (sounds like
Google is a US equivalent of this, although I haven't looked at it). I
use Paint Shop Pro to just grab the bit of the map that I'm interested
in, then print it out how I want (I never use print from a browser
anyway as it always gives so much extra junk)

Plus streetmap shows ancient sites, so I tend to print out maps and go
exploring if I'm going somewhere new :-)
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