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From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Fri Feb 11 08:33:02 2005

>>>>> "Computer" == Computer Collector Newsletter <news_at_computercollector.com> writes:

>>>>> Most of "The Media" does not exist to inform, enlighten, or
>>>>> educate. It exists to sell products.

 Computer> Bill: get real. That's an incredibly immature and
 Computer> uninformed generalization.

Well, by way of counterpoint, consider:

1. The subscription price of newspapers pays for the blank paper.
   Everything else is paid for by advertising.

2. The number of pages in a particular issue of the newspaper is
   purely a function of the amount of advertising that day. The
   "editorial" content (i.e., anything other than advertising) is a a
   fixed fraction (35% ?) of the total. If I remember correctly, the
   actual number comes from postal regulations.

So in that sense at least, it's the advertising that does the driving
and the news and information follow.

These are the things one learns working at the production end of

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