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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Fri Feb 11 16:12:37 2005

> So, whoever still thinks that we the media are scum, you are welcome
> to throw away your TV, stop buying the paper, unsubscribe from all
> magazines, block my newsletter from your inbox, rip out your car
> radio, and go be a hermit on the top of some mountain.

Well, it's not because I think that "the media are scum", but, except
for the "go be a hermit" part, that's effectively just about what I do.
(Your exact wording is not applicable, because it involves stopping a
lot of things I never started and thus can't, strictly speaking, stop,
but the overall effect is about right. The closest I get to "media" is
my Science News subscription, and they are relatively ad-free,
relatively expensive, and almost completely free, AFAICT, of the sort
of biases that bother me about "the media".) What "news" I get comes
from friends and acquaintances and tangential traffic on mailing lists
(like this one) that I'm on.

And y'know, I'm glad of it.

> But until some of you spend a career in the real, fair, majority
> press, please take your sophmorific insults elsewhere.

Well, my experience with mass media has been pretty minimal; I've
appeared twice, and a sample size of two is too small to draw
statistically valid conclusions from. But of those two, the smaller
paper got it righter. (For those who know Montreal papers, I'm talking
about the Mirror and the Gazette.)

> And try to remember that 99% of the world gauges the computer
> industry by what Mr. Gates does.

Well, by what Microsoft does, but so do I. And the continued and
insane dominance of Windows is one reason I'm looking for ways to no
longer be even a fringe part of "the computer industry".

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