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From: woodelf <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sat Feb 12 00:40:02 2005

Jim Battle wrote:

>> Shill bidding is the seller (or one of the seller's associates) putting
>> in fraudulent bids to jack up the price, with no intent of actually
>> transacting a sale if the shill bid wins. I think everyone can see
>> why this is unethical.
>> But if two bidders choose to cooperate rather than getting in a bidding
>> war, how is that unethical? Not in the seller's interest, certainly,
>> but the seller's interest isn't what dictates ethics. The bidders
>> choosing to cooperate doesn't make any of the bids fraudulent.
> The way I view it is this.
> Shill bidding is the result of two people agreeing to artificially
> raise the selling price of an item that is supposedly offered in a
> free market.
> Likewise, colluding with other prospective bidders to artificially
> lower the selling price of an item is depriving the seller of rightful
> revenue.

Well I view it this way, as long as other people have a fair chance to
bid I don't see this
as unethical. Personaly I don't like the idea of bidding in the first
Ben alias woodelf.
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