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Date: Sat Feb 12 11:15:09 2005

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, chris wrote:

> >Someone posted before on this about someone's treasure is anothers garbage.
> >They definitely packed it like garbage. Really frustrating when you really
> >want it intact because it can not be replaced.
> I think sometimes people just don't know the item might be of value. And
> it irks me when they ruin the value because of that.

This is kind of a "you get what you pay for" scenario. If you'd paid what
you consider the item to be "worth" then yes, you should be angry. But if
the seller didn't perceive a worth, and indeed they don't take care in
sending you something that they don't perceive having a high worth, dare I
say that's your fault. You should have let them know it was worth a lot
to you. Sure, you may have had to pay a higher price (i.e. closer to what
you think it's worth) but then you might also have been able to convey to
the seller how important it was, and they might then have taken more care
in packing.

Sorry, I'm still in philosophical mode from the collusion discussion :)

> I'm reminded of a new, unopened, in original box Apple branded AppleTalk
> ISA card I bought... that the person promptly took the mint condition
> box, and slapped postage on it and wrote in marker the To and From
> addresses on the front of the box... which of course ruined the value of
> the item.

I'm always careful to tell people to please not ship anything in its
original box, and to not apply any tape or markings to it. With really
important items, I also inform them that I would be happy for them to add
on the cost of acquiring proper packaging. I'd rather pay a few extra
bucks than be disappointed and have something ruined.

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