Ebay Packing Jobs

From: Stuart Birchall <stuart_at_zen.co.uk>
Date: Sat Feb 12 12:32:54 2005

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> On 12-Feb-05 at 09:02 Pete Bartusek wrote:
>>My favorite ebay packing job was a 5.25" disk drive I received, packaged
>>in twigs. Yes, a box, a pile of twigs surrounding a plastic apple 5.25"
> <snippety>

The worst packing job i've ever seen was from a customer who had returned an
end of lease firewall (a gnatbox GB1000 if anyone knows these things). There
was basically no packing at all, the guy had just attached a sticky label
with our address on the lid of the unit! It arrived badly scuffed and with
bits rattling inside. On inspection, the heatsink of the PIII CPU had
crushed the corner of the chip and destroyed it.

I did once post an sgi indigo to some guy wrapped in an old parka jaket with
a layer of brown paper on the outside, back when I was a student...

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