Packing FAQ [was: HP2648 heartbreak]

From: Eric F. <>
Date: Sat Feb 12 15:33:03 2005

Sellam wrote:

> I have a packing FAQ that I usually send to people when
> something is being shipped to me that I absolutely want
> to get to me in one piece.

This FAQ may be something worth posting to the list... ?

I'll bet you've had more experience dealing with the shipping/receiving of
classiccmp items than I've had, and would possibly glean from your experience.

In any case, it is a true *cryin' shame* when a rare, hard-to-find item
starts out in the sellers hands in pristine condition, only to arrive on
your doorstep in a condition described with words such as "cracked",
"crushed", "chipped", "snapped" (oh, how I hate that one <cringe>),
"pulverized", "split", "bent", "torqued", "shattered", "fractured", ...
(I'm sure there are plenty I missed).

After winning an auction and paying for it, and before receiving it, I
always go through a "cold and clammy" period, agonizing over the state of
my precious cargo, traveling out there in the rough & tumble wild of
[insert carrier name]'s hands.

As others have mentioned, I also will offer extra shipping $'s just to make
sure they OVERPACK it. But for many sellers, once they've been paid, the
item seems to become all but a nuisance. (Literally) kicking it out of
their door as quickly and conveniently (for them) as possible is the only
thing on their mind.

OTOH, I'll take this stage to state that when I ship items, I'm a top-notch
dude. I've even had comments from buyers stating they'd like me to come
work in their shipping department. No shit. I don't mean to boast, but
safe-shipping is a passion of mine (no dirty remarks, please :-)

'nuff said.
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