Thoughtless packing

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sat Feb 12 15:49:04 2005

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          John Lawson <> wrote:

> a little *too* nicely, actually - whoever picked the order had very
> carefully put each battery assebly firmly into conductive antistatic foam.
> Of course there wasn't a microwatt left in them at that point...

Obviously someone that had taken a little too much notice of the "ESD KILLS
EXPENSIVE PARTS!" posters that were likely splattered all over the walls of
the shipping department...
I did go to a hamfest a while ago and bought some PCB-mount lithium
batteries. I started looking at some of the other stuff on the stall, then
noticed out of the corner of my eye that the batteries had been taken out of
the manufacturer-stamped plastic tray and, rather than cutting off a piece
off the tray, the guy manning the stall had stuck at least one of them into a
piece of tinfoil-coated polystyrene. Five seconds later, the tinfoil was
rather hot... you can probably guess what happened.

Oh yes. That tinfoil got rather hot. Poor guy screamed, threw the tinfoil
lump across the floor, then went rather red in the face when he realised that
tinfoil + charged battery = heat...
I did still get the batteries - though they ended up getting individually
packed in ziplock bags...

"A fun day was had by all"

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