eBay vrs42?

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sun Feb 13 01:23:06 2005

> Both wanted the item. Obviously before the end of the auction, they
> communicate and determine who will try to win it. After the auction,
> the one that declined to bid writes me asking for another identical
> item (and admits to colluding). Is this not an attempt to keep the
> price low?

Certainly. And what's wrong with that? You say it as though it were a
Bad Thing. But keeping the price low sounds to me like a perfectly
normal, reasonable, and accepted - expected, even - thing for a buyer
to do.

You clearly either disagree or see something wrong with that particular
*way* of keeping the price low, but unless it's the former I don't see
what you wrote as any real explanation.

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