Five and quarter drives

From: Paxton Hoag <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 01:43:38 2005

I have never seen a cast iron floppy drive and the stamped steel ones
are nearly worthless, the card on them is OK. I don't think many if
any were diecast (Zinc alloy).

When I was working with Bob he scrapped tons of 8 and 5 inch floppys
They almost all were cast aluminum and went into the aluminum breakage
gaylord as they were not worth taking apart.

Once he took on a contract from Fujitsu to destroy 600 2333 8 inch
hard drives. He set up a small dissassembly line and did it in a week.
The bodys were 6064 aluminum and the platters were 6068 and comanded a

Unfortunitely drives were made of materials very valuable to
scrappers. Now I would not scrap any, just offer them up on epay.
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