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Date: Sun Feb 13 10:39:25 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, chris wrote:

> HOWEVER, the moment the guy comes to you and attempts to solicit a 2nd
> unit from you, because he really DID want it, and decided not to bid
> specifically to force the price low (artificial removal of demand), then
> it changes the nature of the situation, and certainly brings into
> question ultimate motive, and the overall ethics of it.

Who the hell gets into a bidding war with their friend??

> Of course, I'm a cynic, so that may just be my dim view of society and
> people on a whole that makes me see a pattern where none really exists
> (regardless, it has made me do all my bidding in the last 2 minutes,
> which has yielded me more wins and happy outcomes regardless of if I win
> or lose.... if I lose on a bid made in the last 2 minutes, at least I
> don't feel like I was shilled).


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