Wanted: DEC rails for 11/R20 11/10 8/M

From: Robert Krten <root_at_parse.com>
Date: Sun Feb 13 10:30:24 2005

Hi Folks,

I need the following:

        a) complete set of rails for an 11/20
        b) cabinet set of rails for an 11/10
        c) complete set of rails for an 8/M

What I mean by "complete set" is that I need the half that screws
on to the machine itself, as well as the half that gets mounted in
the cabinet. For "cabinet set", I mean just the part that goes into
the cabinet.

Can anyone help? I'm willing to consider offers from anywhere in the
world; Canada preferred, North America next, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Krten, PARSE Software Devices +1 613 599 8316.
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