11/45 progress

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Feb 13 21:13:06 2005

You wrote...
> I would suggest replacing the bad switches if you have spares. My
> experience
> is that they don't tend to get any better. YMMV.
It's definitely just the spring. I was hoping the springyness would return
after deoxit and working the switch. Guess not. Hokay, I'll warm up the
weller again :)

> I would remove all of the cards and test the power supplies solo. They
> should regulate fine without a load. You won't be able to adjust the final
> voltages until they are loaded, but you can check if they are in range.
Ok, that's what I wasn't sure of, if the ripple & voltages could be tested
without any cards at all. I'm aware they need to be rechecked under the load
of the cards, but wanted to make sure things were at least reasonable before
subjecting my only cpu cards to the power.

> Speaking of the backplane, you should be sure to check for bent pins
> before
> you proceed with the power supply check.
Oh yeah, I spent quite some time going over the backplane specifically to
check for bent pins and if any wires had come loose. My 2100's (and my 8E)
restorations all clued me into that :) I've never found a loose wire.
Wirewrapping seems pretty sturdy even after 20+ years. I have found quite a
few bent pins though, but only one on this 11/45.

> Also, you can look in the unibus
> pin list for which power and check the power on the backplane at these
> pins.
> They are fairly obvious based on the wire size and color as well.
I thought they were, but I was trying to ascertain exactly where the pins
were documented. Being new at a unibus restoration, I didn't want to guess
at anything.

Thanks for the input!!

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