Anyone have VMS 5.5 Software Product Library

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Mon Feb 14 15:55:27 2005

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> IIRC, some check the version of VMS that they're installing
> on. I had some real difficulties trying to install
> ALL-IN-ONE on a 7.3-1 system, I'm afriad I don't remember
> specifics though, this was a long time ago.

Ah yes, sorry, I'd forgotten about that! Mind, that's a quick hack to
KITINSTAL.COM to remove the version checking - that file always lives in the
.A saveset which you can extract to a temp directory, edit kitinstal to
remove the version check then recreate the saveset and install away.

Next time you get stuck let me know. Of course, PCSI stuff is more difficult
I think, but the products we'll be talking about won't use PCSI.....


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