PS/2 Users, take note...

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Mon Feb 14 07:28:34 2005

well, for the microchannel machines, there is the mca mafia
( and the ardent too of capitalism
(, plus, the other version that has some other
files; proud tool of capitalism (
proud is a earlier mirror of ardent and has a bunch of files that ardent
dropped for some reason. it's like they forked on the same path and just
run parallel, but not equal now as both have things the other doesn't.
There's DGMicro's MCA Linux site (,
Daniel Hamilton's PS/2 Files site (
which covers most ps/2's, Peter Childs' PSInfo Site
(, Karol Chlasta's
IBM PS/2 site (english and polish)
( and then, finally,
this Dutch site for PS/2 support that seems to be a mirror of MCA mafia
( - the site itself is mirrored at .

I hope this helps a bit.

-John Boffemmyer IV
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At 01:07 AM 2/14/2005, you wrote:
>Bruce Lane wrote:
>> Users of IBM's PS/2, Aptiva, and other IBM'ish early-to-mid 90's
>> systems may have noticed that IBM has, for reasons unknown, discontinued
>> the excellent support file archive they once had. Said archive was known
>> to many as the 'PCCBBS' system. It started out to be exactly that: A
>> dialup BBS, which later became an FTP site.
>> Fortunately, a few people preserved the contents of this archive
>> against such an occurrence. I'm happy to say that Blue Feather Tech's
>> FTP site is now a part of that group, thanks to one of its other members
>> (Aron Eisenpress) being kind enough to send me a copy of the archive on
>> multiple CD-R's. I finished loading those to my FTP server this afternoon.
>Crap! I need some files from there for some of my IBM systems (AT, PS/2
>Model 25, etc.) Did anyone mirror the non-MCA sections?
>Is there a *complete* mirror of /pub/pccbbs somewhere?
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