SASI interface, SCSI devices...

From: Eric J Korpela <>
Date: Mon Feb 14 18:52:45 2005

I'm reading this on cctech, so I'm about 4 days behind the time.
IIRC, many later hard disks for SASI Atari ST models (the original 520
and 1040) had two boards in the HD case, one for SASI-SCSI conversion
and an SCSI to ST-506 controller board. I don't know exactly what the
SASI-SCSI board did. (buffering? adjusting timing? building missing
signals?). Atari's SASI was a SASI superset with some features that
made it into SCSI, so those system may have an edge over a vanilla
SASI implementation.

The following site sells Atari SASI to SCSI cables (with the
electronics molded into the cable). They are not cheap, and they'll
also sell you drivers needed for accessing drives bigger than a gig.
They'll also sell you a 20MB (yes MB) drive for $115. I've never done
business with them so I can't comment on whether they are

Not to mention that you'd need to build your own adapter from Atari's
damn 19 pin D connectors to whatever your SASI adapter uses or just
cut off the connector and sell it on ebay. I've taken to calling
these beasts from hell DA.5-19 connectors. Good luck finding any...


On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 14:22:47 -0500, Steve Jones <> wrote:
> I'm looking around at a couple of situations where I may have
> a host with a SASI interface that needs mass storage. It would
> be preferable to just drop in a SCSI device and deal with
> whatever patching might be necessary, rather than using an
> ST-506 interface instead of SASI.
> Briefly Googling left me with the impression that hooking a
> SASI device to even an old SCSI contoller is pretty dicey, but
> no good feel for how well a random SCSI device might work with
> a SASI controller.
> Thanks,
> --Steve.
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