Weird RX02 problem

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 10:17:17 2005

Drive 0 of my (generic) RX02 drive subsystem stopped working last night.
It was just at the end of a copy operation (from drive 1 to the
virtual DD drive). Drive 0 could no longer be accessed, and I couldn't
boot from it either. I thought it was my boot disk as I'd removed it
while the copy operation was going on to check on something and then put
it back in. I thought maybe I messed it up somehow. However, when I
tried another system disk, it wouldn't boot either.

I decided to try reformatting my system disk, but when I poked the proper
values into the disk controller registers I kept getting an error. If I
read the error register properly, I was getting a drive not ready error.
I think. I'm not sure actually.

After several failed tries, I finally tried formatting on drive 1 and it
worked. Hmmm. Even though I'd opened the case last night to check for a
loose cable (and didn't find one) I opened up and looked again. I thought
maybe I jostled something because every 5 disks or so I have to open the
cover to clean the heads (I can't find any of my 8" drive cleaning kits).
Anyway, I checked all the mechanical bits and reseated the cable to drive
0 and then it started working again.

Has anyone ever had this experience before?

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