Anyone have VMS 5.5 Software Product Library

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 10:50:41 2005

>So, did you get All in One working in the end. I used to use it at work and
>found it great and thought it would be good to get it going, but it would
>appear that it isn't much fun? I have the latest 7.3 distribution with it on,
>is there anything I should know about before attempting it? Or is it just too
>much hassle to be worth it?

Since you're on the VAX you might have different results than I did,
as I use an Alpha. I'm afraid I don't remember what the problems
were other than the OS Version issue, I think it was looking for
something that wasn't there. I never did get it running, and don't
even remember why I was trying.

Keep in mind that like VAX APL, it requires a PAK which isn't
included with the Hobbyist PAK's.


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