Replacing digitizer felt...

From: Charles Blackburn <>
Date: Tue Feb 15 15:56:47 2005

I do a lot of online gaming and one of the things I use is glide pads. I
forget the actual make I have here (I lost the packet) but here's a link
to a similar thing

Basically they stick on over the existing pads that are on the bottom of
the mouse. They may work for you b ymmv


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From: Roger Merchberger []
Sent: 15 February 2005 19:44
Subject: Replacing digitizer felt...

It's an ontopic gizmo attached to an offtopic machine:

I have a (well, actually 2, but one's a spare) Kurta IS/ONE 1212 (that's

12" by 12") digitizer which is working fine electronically, but the felt
both pucks I have (4-button and 12-button) is getting pretty

Anyone have any experience with putting new felt/flocking/skids/whatever
digitizer pucks?

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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